Setting up Mac for Orangutan

Hi ben,

no I have not modified it.
I power the x2 via the vnh2sp30 motor board with a 7.2V 1800 mA NiCd battery.

I can’t think of anything that would cause the symptoms you’re describing. At this point, I think you should send the unit back to us to take a look at. Please contact us with your purchase information (name or order number) and we will provide you with an RMA number. Please reference this thread when you contact us.

- Ben

I wanted to let folks know that I’ve updated the Mac Orangutan/AVR tutorial at long last, to cover the latest available AVR cross-compiler toolchain (CrossPack-AVR), under OS X 10.5 and 10.6, as well as the current Pololu Library (libpololu-avr). It has additional info on tweaking Makefiles, and setting up Xcode and GNU Emacs as IDEs.

Oh, and I included some steps for tweaking avrdude to work with the ATmega328P – but I don’t have one on hand so if someone can try this out and let me know that’d be swell. :slight_smile: