Setting servo position by percent instead of pulsewidth?

I am using the Pololu Mini Maestro, Maestro SDK, and C# to control 18 servomotors which are driving instruments in a flight simulator cockpit.

Is it possible to set servo positions as a percentage of the total min/max range defined in the Maestro Control Center software? I am trying to avoid hard-coding specific servo pulsewidths into my interface program, as these values may change over time (e.g. if a servo is replaced, etc.)



Yes, you should be able to create your own function that sets a target position as a percentage of the minimum or maximum pulse width of a channel on the Maestro using the commands in the SDK. To get the minimum and maximum pulse widths for each servo channel (configured in the “Channel Settings” tab of the Maestro Control Center), you should look at the getUscSettings command in the Usc.cs.

- Amanda