Servos moving at full speed on startup


I want to explain a situation that is happening with my maestro controler and ask for advice/help on preventing it from happening.

Maestro Control center, i have set limits to channels in “Channel Settings” to maximum speed and acceleration.
Now there are few things that happens.

I connect maestro board to computer and estabilish connection. Servos are not enabled. Also servos are not yet powered (im using maestro digital outputs to turn on mosfets providing power to servos).

When i turn on servo power (while servos are not yet enabled) they make an initial movement in one direction slowing down in the end because of gears friction. Its like some kind of initial impulse. I suspect its not really maestro thing but its just how the servos works (the one i bought).

The bigger problem that concerns me the most is that when the power to servos i applied and then i enable servo channel in maestro control center it wil move to that position with FULL speed and acceleration, ignoring limits. Of course rest of moves will be slower as they are intended to be.


I start a session, i set servo target to 2208, i turn off power, disconnect maestro. Because of lack of power and weight applied to servo arm it will be moved away from last position.
Then i want to turn on maestro again, so i connect, turn on servo power and now im activating channel and what i dont like is that servo will move to last set position (2208) with FULL SPEED even if there are limits in Channel Settings.

So my question is, is it possible, maybe not to eleminate this one movement, but to make sure it will be restrained by my speed/acceleration limits?

Finally ill be using modified AdvancedExample in USB SDK written in C# so a coded solution is acceptable aswell.


When a Maestro channel is not enabled, it should not be sending a signal, so I suspect that the movement you are seeing when you first power your servos is coming from the servos themselves. If you wanted to test this, you could try disconnecting a servo from the Maestro and powering it directly.

As far as your question about the speed and acceleration settings, it is normal for this first movement of a channel to be full speed. Information about why this happens can be found in my first post in this thread. Some suggestions about how you might try getting around it can be found in the last question under the “FAQ” tab of the Maestro product page.

I am not familiar with your setup, but if your servo moves to some other point when it is not powered (due to an external load), you might try figuring out what target position that corresponds to and using that to initialize your servos.