Servocontroller just with one power supply

Hello guys Im trying to conect my servo controller just with one power supply, like this: when I work with the servocontroller conected to the USB It works very good but when I disconected the USB and I conect Vin in parallel with Vservo with a power supply (5v, 30amps) It doesnt work, any advice? :confused: here a video:


What are you expecting it to do? What is it doing? Have you tried simplifying your setup? For example, you could try using just one servo.

- Ryan


From your video, it looks like you have a LOT of servos connected to that Maestro and the Maestro’s red LED is on constantly. It’s possible that the Maestro is getting reset because its VIN voltage is dropping too low. This could happen if you try to start a lot of servos at the same time.

You’re using an internal script to control the servos, right? I recommend adding a delay for a few seconds at the beginning of the script, instead of starting the servos immediately, to make it easier to tell what’s going on.


Well Im developing an Hexapod robot with an msp430 TI microcontroller, as you can see in the video it works very good conected to the usb port the problem is when is conected just with one power supply It doesnt work, I try with 6 servomotors and one power supply and it works good, the problem is when the 18 servomotors are working at the same time but I dont know why if Im using a power supply of 5v 30 amps :frowning: any solution please?
here therobot:

It sounds like you are having a power issue.

Can you look at the voltage of your power supply when it is not working the way you expect? Is your power supply a battery? The minimum operating voltage of the Maestro is 5V, so even a small drop in voltage would bring it out of spec.

Here are some things you might try to improve the situation:

  • add a large capacitor between VIN and GND near the Maestro
  • if your power source is a battery, make sure it is charged
  • use a power source that can supply more current
  • use a slightly higher voltage power source
  • don’t try to move all your servos at once

- Ryan