Servo to activate large format camera

greetings all,

i am a photographer living in NYC. i am shooting with a old 4x5 camera. the idea is that i would like to use a servo with a (wireless) remote control to set off the shutter on my camera. i will be at a pretty good distance from the camera so would need a strong enough signal (and no wire.) the force needed to set off the shutter is not very much, and the target is about a half inch in size. so, i need a single motion to push a “button (more of a switch actually.)” this does not have to occur in a linear fashion, it could be a wheel that turns, with a peg or arm that hits the switch to activate the shutter.
i’m assuming i will need a servo, a power source (batteries) and a remote. but, what servo, what batteries and what remote?
this is an idea i came up with, having zero experience with electronics. i appreciate your time and any help. i apologize for being so uneducated on the matter.


It sounds like you should just get a standard radio control system with a standard servo at a local hobby shop; the cheapest unit you can get will probably be fine. If you want to get something online or just want an idea of what it might look like, something like this should cover you: … I=LXGRM7**

You might also check for any radio control fields or tracks very close to you so you don’t interfere with them (plus you could get some advice from them).

- Jan