Servo resolution

Hi, what is the limiting factor in the servo positioning resolution? The documentation says the timing is good for .05 deg for the 8 servo controller, but it seems that my motor only responds to 10 counts absolute which should be .5deg. I would like to get down to .1 deg. Do I just need a different motor?



Our servo controllers are designed not to be the limiting factor, so you probably won’t get a servo with 0.05 degree resolution. A servo might have 10-bit resolution internally, which with a 200-degree range corresponds to about 0.2 degrees. Not all servos are the same, and digital servos are supposed to be better, though I’m not sure if resolution is one of the ways in which they are better.

- Jan

I picked up one of the first Hitec titanium gear digital servos (I don’t recall the exact model) a while ago for a project, thinking it would have super-high resolution, but we found it only had a useful (i.e. repeatable) accuracy of within about 0.5 degrees.


I agree, I tested the controller few times and it is right on the money - the same hex code produces the same exact pulse with .01 micro sec every time over 24 hours period