Servo Pulse when power is applied

I have used the maestro servo controllers for a long time and have finally reached a project that has low tolerance for a reoccurring problem. Connected servos pulse uncontrollably when power is first applied. My project cannot have these “accidental pulses” when the power switch is turned on. What will it take to filter off the pulse that occurs when power is first applied to the maestro? This is not a programming issue for it happens before the code starts to execute. PLEASE HELP!!!


The Maestro servo outputs have almost no jitter (about 50ns), so any jitter you are observing is likely being caused by the servo’s positioning circuitry. You might consider using digital servos to minimize the jitter. You could also leave the power to the servos on as the jitter should only happen when the servos are powered up.


I think that the maestro sends out random signals when power is first applied, It seems accurate with what I can observe, however, your idea sounds valid!