Servo Power Help


Sorry for the noobs question

I am currently trying to make a quadrabot with 12 mini analog servos (9g each). The problem i had is that with my 4AA battery pack i can only control about 4 to 5 servos without all of them going crazy. I was thinking of making another power supply but i had no idea how to do that with the mini maestro 18 channel servo controller , so can any1 give me some guide on that?

My second option is getting another battery like this with 8 amp
would this be good enough ?

Thank you


I am not sure what kind of 4-cell battery pack you have, but I recommend using a 5-cell NiMH battery pack for your servos (assuming they can tolerate 6V). NiMH batteries can deliver more current than alkalines, and the higher voltage could help prevent the behavior you are seeing when your servos draw lots of current.

As for your power question, you can provide power to different banks of servos on the Maestro 18 by severing the traces that connect them together and supplying power to each separately. For example, in the picture below, you can cut the traces between channel 5 and channel 6, and between the two servo power pins and the blue terminal block to isolate three banks of six servos.

Alternatively, you could create your own banks of servos and power them externally, off the Maestro. You could also get a single power supply that can source enough current for all of your servos and connect that similar to how you are using your current battery.

By the way, the product you linked to is not a battery.