Servo oscillation

I’ve got a Mini Maetro controlling a servo based robot arm. It’s comprised of Hitec servos all capable of running on 6 volts. I was using 4AA bats but with low torque. I’m now giving the servos 6 volts via a 8.4v 3000 Mah battery and a programmable BEC (set for 6 volts). It has ALOT more torque now, but I’m noticing some servo oscillation on 1 or 2 of the servos. It will hunt back and forth until I hold it in place to stop or give it another move command. Any idea why?



I think I found the answer. I’ve got a resonance problem. I need to add some dampening or friction to the joint to resolve the oscillation.


I have a mini maestro 6 servo controller with a similar problem. The servos seem to move backwards and forwards randomly. Sometimes servos twitch randomly. They’ll quickly change position without correcting themselves. I wonder if it’s the same problem that’s causing this.

Hello, Johnson,

Another thing to check if your servos are behaving erratically is whether your power supply is providing enough current for them (you can generally expect them to draw about 1 A each, more for bigger servos and less for smaller ones). What are you powering your servos with?

- Kevin