Servo moves a smidge when power applied

I am controlling 2 servos with a Maestro mini 6. When I apply power each servo moves a smidge, about 10 degrees. If I remove then re-apply power it moves another smidge.

Any way to retain the last position of each servo when I initially apply power?

It sounds like what you are describing is common jitter when powering servos.

When starting up, the Maestro has no way of knowing what position the servo is currently in, so if you wanted to have them retain their last position when starting up, you could put them in some known position. For example, you could use the “On startup or error” setting in the “Channel Settings” tab of the Maestro Control Center to send the each servo to a particular “home position” when powering up. Then, you could run a power down sequence to put the servos in those same positions before removing power.