Servo jerky motion

Hello! Help solve the problem. I have a servo BLS-HV7132MG and a maestro mini 6. I need to slowly and monotonously rotate the part by 180 and back. When moving the servo is jerky (- YouTube). How to fix it?

Thank you in advance!maestro_settings.txt (1.7 KB)


The movement in the video does not look particularly jerky for a standard servo, so that might be about as good as you will get from it. Your Maestro settings file looked okay.

If you need smoother movement, you might have to switch to a DC motor with speed or position feedback or a stepper motor.


Hi! Thanks for the quick response!!!

Then I ask to answer one more small question … And if I buy another (not standart) servo ( or )?

It will not improve the situation?

We do not carry those servos and are not very familiar with them, so I cannot say if they will give you the smooth movement you want.


And the servos you worked with can provide smoother movement? Can you tell which models you can pay attention to?

I will soon implement this project on a stepper motor with a gearbox… But I would like to make a good product and on the servo … I will be glad to any your help.

As I mentioned before, the movement you are getting looks like what I expect from RC servos, though we have not characterized the smoothness of motion of our servos. I do not have a recommendation for a smoother servo.