Servo Initialisation


I’m using a RaspberryPI + mini-Maestro 24 Servo controller connected to an Turnigy Plush 30A ESC which is driving my Turnigy Brushless motor.

This set-up is working great and I can initialise the robot and issue python scripts to run up the motors.

However I want to check the current state of the channel before attempting any run ups, is it possible to determine if a channel has a connection and what state that connection is in?

Also Im going to be using some of the channels as input from sensors how do I configure this in python?


Hello, Jm.

Generally, servos and ESCs do not provide any feedback to the device that is controlling them; all the Maestro really knows about the state of a servo channel is the width of the pulses that the Maestro is sending to the channel. If that information is useful to you, you can get it by sending a Get Position serial command to the Maestro and then reading the Maestro’s response.

For the input pins, you should configure them to be inputs using our software first. That only needs to be once. After that, you can read the voltage levels on the inputs from Python using the Get Position serial command.


Excellent, good to know