Servo controller problems

I am a 15 year old student at hartville. Recently i have built a robotic hand from scratch. I used a 6 channel maestro servo controller which I bought of this website. The controller and program worked fine. One day before the Ozarks Science and Engineering Fair I had an accident. The usb cord was snagged in my door and ripped off the usb port to my device. When the port ripped off I found that the leads connecting the device to the port had tore off some of the conductive material. I resodered and jumped over some of the missing leads. My computer does not recognize the device. It says it has malfunctioned. I am sure everything is resodered correctly. Now I was hoping you could tell me if it is beyond repair? Would it be easier to buy a new chip? Is there a possiblilty of a discount or warranty for the product?Any advice would be uself.


It is probably not practical to repair the damaged Maestro. Please contact us directly with your order number, and we can give you a discount on a replacement.

- Kevin