Servo controller method of operation?


My name is Andrew Parsons. I have taken on quite the intense fun project. I am building a ROV. I am using a Basic Stamp 2 at the surface to communicate with its slave Basic Stamp 2 using RS-485.

I will be powering 6 brushless out runner motors using 6 ESC brushless motor controllers. Since my Slave basic stamp already has enough to do, it will not be able to give the time and resources required for the brushless motor controllers.

So my question is; does a servo controller continually pulse what was initial given to it via Serial until another is given?

Or does a servo controller just save pins on the micro controller but it still require the constant attention from the microcontroller?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi, Andrew.

I can’t speak for all servo controllers, but our servo controllers continuously send pulses without constant attention.

- Ryan


I bought one.