Servo controller advice

I’ve stumbled across this thread in search for some servo “control” (not controller) help. I’m a newbie and am struggling with trying to find the right path to my ultimate robot goal. Here are my issues - I’ve purchased a BoE-bot, based on recommendations that I could expand it’s capabilities and tutor myself toward my goal of creating a puppet (a bird). My road block is that as I’m learning more, I’m either confused or uneducated that the BoE-Bot STAMP will ultimately get me to controlling 6-8 servos for my “bird”. These movements will simultaneous and not continuous, but rather exact.

If you could indulge me (and please feel free to refer me elsewhere) but could you give the me the basics of what I would need? I’ll take that info and determine the details of making it work. OH - need to add that I want to program it so it won’t be RC controlled. I suppose that means I do need the STAMP - right?

Again, my goal:
Battery operated
8 servos (is a step motor a better option?)
Windows Platform

I will be happy to dump the BoE-Bot STAMP if it is an easier option to start fresh.

I thank you in advance for your help. dcg


I split your post to a new topic since it had nothing to do with the thread to which you appended it. There are a lot of resources out there about how to control servos, so you should look for those. Parallax has some examples, too, and the robot you have uses modified servos, so if you have done anything with the robot, you should already be familiar with controlling servos from the basic stamp. For more than a few servos, though, we do recommend a dedicated servo controller, such as our new Mini Maestro. This unit can also connect directly to a computer over USB, so you do not have to have the basic stamp in your system if you just want something tethered to your computer.

- Jan