Servo-controlled bicycle derailleurs

I am looking to build servo-controlled derailleurs for my bicycle. I plan to modify existing mechanical derailleurs by adding high-torque R/C servos. I need help in controlling these servos. Basically, I want to set it up so I can key two pairs of switches (one pair for the front, one for the back) repeatedly to have the servo move in defined steps in either direction. I need complete control in programming the servo movement. For example, I would like to program a momentary over-shoot of the defined position to help the shifting. Also, I will need to change the front servo position based on the position of the rear servo. After programming the servo controller, I need to control it while riding by simple contact closures. Does anyone know of a servo controller that would allow me to do these things?


I don’t know of a servo controller that could do that, though the one we have in development now might be up to the task. If you’re just controlling two servos, the servo control part is pretty easy, and the rest of the programming will be most of your work. Do you have any experience working with microcontrollers?

- Jan