Servo can only rotate 200 degrees instead of 270 degrees

I am using a Pololu Micro Maestro Controller to control a Torxis Rotary Servo i00800 from Invenscience LC.

According to the specification of the Servo, it is supposed to have a rotation range of 270 degrees. However, it only rotates about 200 degrees.
In the popolu Maestro Control Center, the range for the target position is from about 400 to 2600(us). outside this range, the servo does not react.
Does anyone know, how I can use the full range?

Thank you for your help


I tested a Torxis servo and Maestro here and got approximately 225 degrees of travel. I suspect that some internal setting is limiting the travel of the servo; you might contact Invenscience to see if there are settings that need to be changed to get the full range of motion.