Servo behaves erratic


I have the following power supply from meanwell. The SP240-5 (link I need that much power because I’m using a maestro mini 6, and a maestro 24 to control 30 servo’s. Some of which will need high currents. So far I haven’t been able to control any of my servo’s via this power supply. I’m getting alot of erratic behavior from the servo. It jitters left and right and is uncontrollable via the maestro control panel. I’m using a lengthy power wire (7 meters) but even when I connect the servo directly to the power supply it still jitters.

I’m at a loss what this could be. I’m still learning about electronics and stuff…perhaps I shouldn’t be doing this. :wink:


  1. Interference from other wires?
  2. The psu isn’t suitable? Could I wire it over the controllers? How much current can they take over their servo powerlines?
  3. something else?

The servo works. I’ve tested it with another power supply (only 2.1 amps) When I hook that up via the maestro it works perfectly.

Any idea’s?

Duh… I’ve figured it out. It was a grounding issue. I didn’t ground the servo controller because I thought I didn’t need to… My bad.


I am glad you got it working; thanks for letting us know what the problem was.

- Ryan