Serial servo controller

I am trying to use the
Pololu Serial 8-Servo Controller to drive TWO ANALOG SERVO
HITEC HS-645MG… i am using 5V (2A rating power supply) to drive the board (Vcc)
as well as for MOTOR power… i tried with SSC and POLOLU protocol… but the motor
does not seem to respond to POLOLU mode and for SSC just from time to time move a little bit

Is there something wrong ?? I am pretty sure about the serial command (i use a serial line monitor
to verify the command are being sent)… is the board not suitable for HS-645 (it is an analog RC motor)
or am i underpowering the whole setup ??? (2A is a lot of juice…)

Thanks a lot

Hi Thomas,

Hitec analog servos will work fine with the Pololu servo controllers, and 2A should be more than sufficient to run the electronics and two servos.

I’m a little confused about your power wiring description, as there is no one pin labeled VCC on the serial 8-servo controller. The best way to use a single 5V supply with your controller is to connect it to both the VIN pin and the VServo pin. Can you take a picture or draw out a diagram of exactly how you’re connecting power to the board?

The next step would be to describe how the LEDs on the controller behave when you connect power, and when you send it serial commands, and the final step would be to check how you are sending the commands and what the actual byte values are.