Serial Servo Controller DTR/RTS Reset (which way?)

If you’re using the RTS or DTR reset jumper on the serial servo controller, to you bring the controller out of reset by asserting (setting high) RTS or DTR, or is the signal inverted before pulling the reset pin? The manual doesn’t seem to specify which way it works.

It would be super-easy to figure out in person, but I got hooked on the micro serial servo controllers back when the full-sized one still looked like this:


Hello, Adam,

The signal goes through the RS-232 level converter, which also inverts the signal. However, I think the “asserted” state of the handshaking lines on the RS-232 lines is with a negative voltage. In any case, making the RS-232 line low/negative makes the reset pin on the servo controller high, which makes it run.

- Jan