Serial in From Pic to 6 channel

I am using picBasic pro and the serout() function to send the out following
in Hex 84,02,70,2E
in Dec 132,0,112,46
and also the same numbers in binary at a baud rate of 9600.
I have a line connected to RX and am using the 6 channel micro maestro and connect the board via USB to my computer but when i test the pins sending the serial out with the cable connected to the RX line i see no movement in the status tab of the control center. Do I have to take it off power supply and test it or should it show up in the status tab. Also any suggestions on serial to control 4 motors would be helpful. Thanks

What serial mode is the Maestro in? If it is in Auto Baud Rate Detect mode (which is the default) then you will need to send 0xAA first. This only needs to be done once per power cycle to let the Maestro detect the baud rate. After that you can use the compact protocol if you want.

If you send the command correctly, and the servo was not already set to that position, then you should see the corresponding slider in the Maestro Control Center change.

Also, you seem to be misunderstanding something basic about serial communication: there’s no such thing as sending a serial byte in binary or hex or decimal: those are just three different notations to express the value of a byte. The different notations affect how your code looks, but they shouldn’t affect the signals your PIC actually sends on its serial line.