Serial COMM & TReX dual motor & Rabbit 3000

I’m trying to send commands to the TReX via the serial port using a rabbit 3000.

here’s a code snipet:

char retStr[15]; // string for returned characters
int retStatus;

serBopen(_232BAUD); // _232BAUD is set to 19,200

serByte = 0x82; // get mode command, should return one byte

retStatus = serBputc(serByte); // byte sent. retStatus = 1

serBread(retStr, 15, 250); // read serial port. returned value should be in retStr.

retStr is either empty ("") or junk.

I have tried several TReX commands with no response from the TReX.

I suspect the serial port may not be setup correctly.
I believe the default TReX setup is baud = 19200, no error checking, one stop bit.

Spent several hours trying all sorts of settings and no luck.

Any help would be appreciated


I apologize for the delayed response. I am not familiar with the Rabbit 3000, so I cannot help you too much with your code. Does the rabbit’s serial port use inverted (RS-232) or non-inverted serial? Are you sure you’re connecting it to the appropriate TReX serial pins? If you have a USB-to-serial adapter around, could you try connecting the TReX directly to your computer and running the TReX Configurator utility?

- Ben