Serial 8-servo controller

Does anyone know what data do I need to send to the serial 8-servo controller to activate a DC motor? and what do I need to send in order to control the DC motor to run in both directions?

thanks for your support.

The product you are talking about is used to to control rc servos. If you are looking for a simple way to control your DC motors might I recommend and see what interests you. Any other questions just ask!

Hi Travism:

I saw those links, but the think here is that i already have the serial 8 controller, and I bought it because I can control several motors with the same board (I think those boards from the link cannot control several motors and also they are more expensive), I saw on the schematic of the serial 8-servo that can control dc motors as well, so my question here is how? I already have my application of Visual Studio working, but I need to know what data I need to send to control my motors.

I hope you can help.



Where did you see a schematic of the serial 8 servo controller? Can you provide a link? Just to make sure we’re on the same page, is this the product you’re talking about?

- Ben