Serial 8-Servo Controller Pololu mode

Dear Sir or Madam,

We had the servo controller running perfectly yesterday using the pololu mode.
However, we tried the same setup today (everything same as last nite) , the servo controller somehow just wont respond to any of the commands in pololu mode. It had yellow LED on and red LED flashing whenever in the pololu mode.

If we add the protocol selection jumper( change to mini ssc mode ),and change the commands to 3 bytes in mini ssc mode, it responses correctly.

What might cause the pololu mode not taking any commands?
Do you have any suggestions? we are kinda of afraid that the mini ssc mode doesn’t work too sometimes in the future.




I suspect something must have changed in your setup since the serial line is the same for both protocols, so the hardware seems to work. The red LED flashing is an indication of a major problem with the serial data, which could result from things like the baud rate changing or the serial input getting disconnected. Try sending one byte at a time to see which byte causes the problem.

- Jan