I’d like to make use of sensors (such as touch, range detectors, gravity sensors, etc) that I can connect in line with pololu 16port & 8port serial controllers. Can you recommend any hardware that I can connect along with the mentioned controllers? Does the servo controller send ANY info back to the serial port? I would very much like to be able to read current servo position. Perhaps I should be using something other than those controllers? I’m also trying to avoid any programmable robot controllers as all logic will be on a full-blown PC, mounted onto the robot. :?


Our servo controllers do not send anything back on the serial port. You might consider using a microcontroller even if it’s not your main controller since that would let you interface various sensors to your PC. For a few dollars, you can have analog inputs, time incoming pulses (e.g. for sonar rangefinders), and more.

- Jan

thanks alot Jan.