Sensor recommendation required


I am working on a target seeking robot. I need two measurements for my robot to work, namely distance and angle to the target (or beacon). I thought about using beacon/transceiver pair from polulo, but that just can give me an angle, not the distance. Also sharp sensors for distance measurement wouldn’t work in my case either as they will give me the distance measurement of everything (including obstacles) the robot encounters on its path. I just need the distance measurement for my “target” (that’s the reason of including a beacon). I need a sensor that gives me an analog output as the measure of intensity of the receiving signal from beacon. (it could be IR light, or some ultrasonic etc). I could translate that intensity to find the distance, and easily the angle measurement as well.
Any help of such a sensor/beacon will be appreciated.



I think that what you want is relatively complicated, and I don’t know of a sensor you can just buy that would do that. If you can put something like our beacon on something big enough to get detected by a separate distance sensor, you could use the sensors together to get a pretty good idea of the beacon location.

- Jan


I have not used GPS before, but you might be able to accomplish what you want to do by using GPS modules.

- Ryan