Sending push button code by RF to mini maestro 12

I need to find a way to send 6 push button signals (push to make) to a mini maestro to control 3 servos. I’ve done this with a remote 6 channel switch RF to a 6 channel receiver with relays and then setting the maestro channels as 6 inputs to work the 3 servos. There must be a simpler way as I want to cut down the weight of batteries and boards at the receiver end.


You could consider using a pair of Wixels running the I/O Repeater App, which is documented in the Wixel User’s Guide. The receiving Wixel can be directly connected to the Maestro and the transmitting Wixel can be directly connected to the pushbuttons. There is no need for relays. The app is precompiled, so there is no need to do any programming either.