SDK of Mini Maestro 12-Channel USB Servo Controller

i found all document for programming and i researched all document. but i have a problem about activate number of channel. in example programme. a channel is active. but i want to activate 5 channel. i dont know if which part of code is changed. i think forum can help me.thanks

Could you please tell us which example program you are using?


visual studio 2010 ,c#

Hello. The Pololu USB SDK has several examples for the Maestro that are written in C#. If you want us to help you modify one of the examples to control a different channel, you will need to tell us exactly which example you are using. Is it MaestroAdvancedExample, MaestroEasyExample, or something else?


i am using maeastro easy example

Try the guts out of the …bin/debug sub directory the other stuff never worked for me.


If you look at the MaestroEasyExample code, you will see several commands similar to this:

TrySetTarget(0, 0);

The first “0” parameter is for the channel. Replace the “0” with “5” for those instances where you want to use channel 5.

The second parameter is for servo position. For typical servos, 6000 is neutral and the acceptable range is 4000-8000. If you send a setting of “0” in the second parameter any servo connected to it should stop trying to maintain its position.


great thank you. it had been so easy but i couldnt find this comment. anyway thanks so much. i tried and i worked