Script problems

I do have a mini-master 6 is used to control three motors, but I want to write a new script.But the old script is directly burned in the masters,there are ways to keep the old script yet?


You can save the script and settings of the Maestro using the “Save settings file…” option under the “File” menu of the Maestro Control Center on the computer the Maestro was originally programmed on. You must save the settings file from the computer it was programed on as the Maestro Control Center cannot retrieve the script form the Maestro directly.

Once you have saved the settings file with your script, you can write a new script and click the “Apply settings” button to load the new script into the Maestro. You can follow the above procedure to save the new script and settings for your new program as well.

To reload either of the scripts, you can load the settings file by selecting “Open settings file…” from the “File” menu.