Sanyo LB1836M PWM Frequency

Hi guys,

I’m using a couple of the Sanyo LB1836M h-bridge chips in a robot I’m building. I’ve looked through the data sheet, but can’t see anywhere what the max PWM frequency is for this chip.

What frequency did you use in the serial board that uses this chip?

- Jon

Hi, Jon,

Our motor controller that uses the LB1836M only does about 600 Hz. That’s because the PWM is being generated in software on an old PIC, though. Jim Remington has some tests results from our old Orangutans that also used the LB1836M.

By the way, have you considered the TB6612FNG?

- Jan


The TB6612FNG is nice, but way too big for what I’m doing. I need to control three motors, and have very little real estate to do so.

The project I’m working on with this is NanoSeeker:

The main PCB is 4" long and 1" wide, and I have to fit an ATmega168, two dual-motor driver chips, a 3-axis compass chip (Honeywell HMC6343), plugs for the motors, a pair of hall effect sensors, an interface plug to a depth sensor, a programming header, and so on.

Here’s a picture:

Note that you might want to change the product description on the LB1836M - it says the chip is an SOIC footprint, which is most definitely isn’t.

- Jon

That looks cool.

Thanks for the SOIC note. I’m pretty sure I remember that package being referred to as a type of SOIC before, and it we had already mentioned the 1mm pitch, but I changed the page to use the MFP14S name that Sanyo is calling it now.

- Jan