Sample Project 3


I tried using sample project 3, in windows, to make my computer comunicate with my micro serial servo controller. I followed the proceedure step by step, and everything was okay until i tried to run the hello.exe-file I made (step 4). It compiled without any problems, but when i typed “hello” the message “bash: hello: command not found” appeared.

I then tried to compile the downloaded sample project, without any changes made to it (step 6). Then I got maybe 100 errors from the



Does anyone know what i might have done wrong? When I installed Cygwin, I made sure to install all the “gcc” packages plus the “make” and “Tcl/Tk” package.

Is the path where you compiled and executed “hello” included in your PATH environment variable? Is “.” included in your PATH env var?

Try this, go to the directory where you built hello.exe and execute “./hello”, don’t forget the “dot backslash”. This just executes the hello binary in the current directory. When you use only hello in the command line it tries to find the command in any of the path listed in your PATH env var. It executes the first matching binary.

BTW, I tried compiling the project in my env. It compiled flawlessly, maybe you can post some of the errors. The topmost are the most important.

HTH. Goodluck!

- Rommel

Thanks a lot for helping me.

The “./hello” solved my little executing-problem. Silly mistake, but Im really new to linux commands.

About the compiling errors. I read through the .h-files where the errors appeared, and it turned out i had to install a X11-library. After this it worked fine.