Sample project 1

i just bought a micro DSMC and was eager to get started messing around with it and a Pic16F627. I checked and double checked my connections, and just as a test loaded the small program at the end of the documentation. I was disappointed to find no response from the motor I had connected.

I am using a Board of Education with the small breadboard used for making the circuit. I have a 3.6v 600mA to provide to the motor, with the + of the supply going to Pin 1 on the DSMC, and the - of the supply going to Pin 2 on the DSMC. Pin 2 is also connected to Vss on the BOE. Pin 3 on the DSMC is connected to Vdd on the BOE. Pins 4 and 5 are connected to the reset and control lines from the Stamp, and Pins 6 and 7 are going to the motor leads. To me, this seems correct, based on the connections shown in the documentation.
please help me around,thankz… :cry:

ply help me …


It is not clear to me which sample project you are trying to use. Is the PIC in your circuit at all, or is it just the Stamp? What code are you trying to run? What motor(s) are you using?

- Jan

the robot is exactly same as the pololu sample project,obstacle avoiding robot,using tamiya motor to run.and PIC16F628 with MPLAB.


All of the details you gave had to do with the connections to a basic stamp. We cannot help you if you do not give us any details about the setup that is not working. Have you tried simpler steps to make sure you have your PIC running correctly?

- Jan

hello there

i really need help. im trying to build a ;sample project1 obstacle avoiding robot. i bought the pic16f628 and dloaded mplab ide 7.x. but i couldn’t build the program successfully after copied and paste your written asm to my mplab;a lot of error.

so, i really need the working code as this is my 1st project and i know nothing about programming(im learning right now,which could take a lot of times).im really interested in this project!

help me here,thanx.


The sample project does not have a complete source file since that can depend on things like where various files are installed on your computer.

If you are new to programming PICs, we recommend that you begin with seomthing more simple, like flashing an LED, so that you gain an understanding for MPLAB and how the PIC microcontroller works. There are many examples and tutorials available online.

- Jan

hello jan,

tnx for your reply. anyway,i really need the complete source file…which i hope u can help me. i need to submit this project as this is my final year project…asap.

i wrote back all the codes instead of juz copy&paste it…in order to understand the operation even though i know nothing.

i’ve found some tutorials regarding pic programming. erm,can PIC be programmed using C++ language?

looking forward to hear from u. tnx

anyone can help me?it’s urgent


If you are getting many errors, you most likely do not have the right include file. You need to have a line that looks something like this at the top of your source file:

include “C:\PROGRA~1\MPLAB\P16C628A.INC”


include “C:\Program Files\MPLAB IDE\MCHIP_Tools\P16F628A.INC”

The actual file will depend on which PIC you are using, and the location will depend on your installation.

Beyond that, you will need to learn to understand what the errors mean so that you can fix them. There are various compilers available for the PICs, but we would not be able to help you, and doing it in some other language would not necessarily be less work than getting our example to work in assembly language.

- Jan