Same time motors motion

Is it possible to control two servo motors at the same time, with a different motion range, using the 8 servo controller? Is there any other easy way?



The servo controller does allow for an individual range for each servo (when not using absolute position mode, which gives you the highest possible range without sacrificing step size). There is typically nothing special about giving different servos different ranges, so controlling two servos with different ranges is about the same as controlling two servos with the same range.

If you’re generating the control pulses in your own microcontroller, you just have to generate different pulse lengths depending on your ranges. Say you have a servo that you want to have 90-degree range and another that has to have 180-degree range. You would generate 1-2 ms pulses for the first servo and 0.5-2.5 ms pulses for the second one. But at any given time, you would just work on one of the pulses, so as long as you can generate the biggest necessary range (0.5-2.5 in this case), generating the pulses in the smaller range is the same thing.

- Jan