S9v11f5 buck boost regulator

could anybody inform me what is the driver IC on this board?

it seems a very versatile solution for connecting to a smps and at the same time a battery !

any info would be appreciated!



Hi, Percy.

Sorry, we do not release the IC used on that regulator board.


Hi Claire,

thank you so much for your support …

we have found the driver IC !

i can’ t see your advantage for not helping us with the disclosure of the Driver IC.

you shamelessly copy an evaluation board of the ic manufacturer, and then withholding the name of the same manufacturer …

for the sole purpose of making $$$$ …

would you really think we would purchase 5000 boards to integrate into our machines ?

all the best,

wish you a nice day !


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Wow, what is your problem? (I’m posting here since Claire is too nice and polite to give you the response you deserve).

- Jan