S.O.S Mini maestro 6/12

Hello a few days I bought a minimaestro 6 and I made my assembly with 3 servos, at the beginning everything worked very well, but now the servos do not stop working and the green led always flashes very fast, I already changed the USB cable, battery and even bought a minimaestro 12 but the problem continues, please help me my operating system is windows 10 64bit


Can you be more specific about the problem you are having and what you mean by “the servos do not stop working”? Could you post some pictures of your setup showing all of your connections? Also, could you post your Maestro settings file? You can save settings file for your Maestro using the “Save settings file…” option under the “File” menu of the Maestro Control Center software.


maestro_settings.txt (2.5 KB)

Hello when I turn on the power to the servos they start to rotate without stopping, and they do not respond to the commands, they only stop if I turn off the power, the minimaestro has the green led on but when I turn it on the program the green led starts to flash very fast and does not stop, the power supply is made by a battery of 12volts 7A.
thank you


12V is way too high of a voltage for those servos, so you might already have damaged them. You can try supplying between 4.8V and 6V to see if they are still working?


Hello ok i supply 5v and they rotate non stop and the green led start flash when i connect the control program, I have a slight suspicion that was the firmwere update, because the 6 was like this when I did the update, and the 12 also tried to repeat the update but it stays the same, can not return to what came from the factory? I’m sorry but I’m new to this kind of thing my specialty is more industrial robots.

Hello today I spoke with a person who bought the minimaestro 12 and explained to me that after updating the firmware also got the same problem, and has the project stopped because it can not solve, could be the firmware file corrupted?

I suspect that you upgraded with the wrong firmware version. For the Mini Maestro 12-channel, you should be installing "Firmware version 1.03 for the Mini Maestro 12-Channel USB Servo Controller (usc03a) ". You can find a link to that version in the “Upgrading Firmware” section of the “Pololu Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide”. If you can still connect to the Maestro through the Maestro Control Center, you should be able to follow the upgrade instructions in that same section using the correct version to correct the problem.


ok I will try this procedure once again but I have done it a few times in micromaestro 6 (usc2a) and minimaestro 12 (usc03a) the minimaestro control center recognizes firmwere 1.03 but it always does the same

I came up with an idea: the servants I have attached are 360º, is this why? or makes no difference

If by 360-degree you mean it is a continuous rotation servo, you might try seeing if there is an adjustment pot to move the neutral position of the servo using a small screw driver (they are usually accessed through a small hole on the servo body). It should adjust the point that the servo stops moving (or making sounds) while you send a neutral pulse width of 1500µs.

If adjusting that potentiometer does not work, you might have already damaged the servo as I mentioned before. If you can send us a link to a short video showing the behavior and how you are trying to control it, we might be able to offer some additional advice.


I apologize but as this for me is new I already made mistake of beginner, I have the three servants broken, a co-worker gave me a 180º servant and I called the plates and works 5 *, now in the next few days I’m going to buy servants , then I respond as I ran with the new servants, but I have already seen that your controller is very good.
And thank you for your excellent support.
Luis Oliveira

I apologize but this for me is new, I already made beginner error, I have the three servos broken, a co-worker gave me a 180º servo and I connect the controllers and it works 5 *, now in the next few days I’m going to buy servos , then I respond as I ran with the new servos, but I have already seen that your controller is very good.
sorry for my bad english
And thank you for your excellent support.
Luis Oliveira

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