Running two motor controllers with one potentiometer?

I’m going to have two 24v12 simple motor controllers, each driving a motor (I could have bought one 24v23, but the first one I bought was rendered nonreturnable through some bad soldering on my part, so I have a second one coming soon.)

I want them to both control their motors independently, but using the values from the same potentiometer. It’s a standard thing: three pins, two for power, the middle gives the value. How would I hook it up to both? Do I just run the output wire to both controllers? Do I have to attach it to two sets of wires? How can I work with what I have?


Hello. First of all, you should make sure all the grounds in your system are connected somehow. That includes the GND nodes of the two Simple Motor Controllers and one of the power pins of your potentiometer. The other power pin of your potentiometer should be connected to the 3V3 line from one of the Simple Motor Controllers.

At this point, you should be able to measure the voltage on the output (wiper) pin of your potentiometer with a multimeter and you should see it change smoothly between 0 and 3.3 V as you move it. You’ll have to power up the SMCs to make that measurement but in general you should have things unpowered while making connections.

Next, connect the output (wiper) pin of your potentiometer to the A1 pins of both Simple Motor Controllers. You will need to check the “Ignore Pot Disconnect” checkbox in the Advanced Settings Tab of the Simple Motor Control Center for each controller. Make sure that you click “Apply Settings” after doing that. Then your input should work.


Ok, thanks.

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding where you want me to put the wires. I understand that I have it incorrect (I think,) but could you confirm it for me? Thanks!

*edit: yep, I realized that I have it connected to the RC pins, but still, do all three wires go to the A1, plus and minus pins, or does the negative wire go to a ground?