Running Scripts on the Mini-Maestro/18 via TTL

Hello forum,

My name’s Ulysses, and I’m a Mechatronics Engineer.

My latest project involves controlling lots of servos (hexapod). I’m familiar with serial communication using the 8051 (oldschool uC) and the hobby-like Arduino.

So for my project I decided to use the Mini-Maestro/18, and looking at the maestro.pdf I noticed it was quite simple getting to send TTL commands to control a servo. Although since I’m attempting to control 18 servos, I noticed an easier way to actually do this. I was told by my professor that the Mini-Maestro was able to record “frames”, and turn them into a “script” that would be stored in Memory. I did this, and was amazed at how simple it was, I recorded a long and complex sequence, and played it over and over with the Pololu Servo Maestro controller.

The problem came when I was figuring out how to initialize the script via TTL. Apparently there’s no such thing explained on the maestro.pdf; It actually explains how to stop a script, or how to obtain the current status of a one though.

I may be wrong, but if so, please let me know where to find my answer.


Ulysses L.


I’m glad you are enjoying the Maestro so far!

To run a subroutine from a TTL serial command, you can use the “Restart Script at Subroutine” command documented here:
and also in section 5.f of maestro.pdf.