Run a script on serial timeout

Is it possible to run a script when a serial timeout occurs? I don’t need something fancy, just something like a second “home” position to go to after a few seconds (after the first home position has kicked in at one second of no serial transmission).


It is possible to have an error on the Maestro trigger a script, but there is no built in feature for it. If you have a Mini Maestro you could read its error output with an extra channel. Alternatively, you might try using the get position command to detect when your servos go to their home positions as an indication that an error has occurred.


But if I could read the output (or the position), I wouldn’t have a serial error, would I?
The case I want to catch is: what happens when the PC stops transmitting commands for whatever reason. In an extreme case the PC could have crashed, so the Maestro would have to do the rest on it’s own. I need an immediate response to a time out (for safety), but would also give the time to the PC to maybe recover (in case it didn’t crash, but was just overloaded for a short time, which unfortunately can happen if Windows from time to time), before a second response is triggered.

Are there any plans on releasing new firmwares with additional features?

What about another channel tied high or low to the rx line and a routine that checks wheather that channel has not been altered for a while.
ie. the rx line has been chatted too.
If i remeber right isn’t there a wake up on rx setup already surplied mabe an answer there. :smiley:

I think you might have misunderstood what I was suggesting. The Maestro has both serial and script commands called get position, so you should be able to detect when your servos go to the home position in the Maestro’s internal script.

We do not currently have any plans to release new firmware for the Maestro.

Kiwihelp, I am not sure exactly what you mean by “isn’t there a wake up on rx setup already surplied”, but the Maestro does not have any built in “wake up on rx” feature.


Yes my mistake I was thinking off the usb suspend (Never sleep)