RP5 Tracks

How much would it cost me to get some custom RP5 tracks, made from the same material as “gummy” or “sticky” tyres? Any suggestions for appropriate alternatives would be appreciated.



It’s not something we would make, so you would need to look into making it yourself. I’ve seen quite a few tutorials online about casting your own parts (some of the sumo robot folks are into making the stickiest tires they can), and you can use the existing tread to make your mold.

- Jan

Back on this after much research. I have found some very sticky silicon and polyurethane compounds that can (fairly) easily be moulded into our track-shapes. These cost about $10 for a pot of liquid and a curing agent. Unfortunately the process of making a mould is quite complex, and local modelling companies have quoted me between $100-$800 to do it.
Anyway, one of our plans is to stick on some silastic pads, but we don’t know what glues we can use on the current tracks without damaging them.
a) Can you tell me what material the tracks are made of (i.e. more specific than “rubber”)?
b) Otherwise, can we buy some spare tracks so we can test some glues on them?
Either way, we would be really keen to get hold of some spare tracks!
Many thanks,

Matt Dunk

Unfortunately, we only get the complete product from the manufacturer, so we do not have any spare parts by themselves. We also don’t have more detailed information on the track material.

- Jan