RP5 Gears

Few questions:
Any idea what the proper name for the step-down spur gears is, such as those on the RP5 chassis?
Is it possible to get metal replacements?
If not, is it possible to get another set of the current plastic gears?

The reason I ask is we are supplying a custom built robot to a customer, based on the RP5 chassis, and I’m worried the plastic gears won’t last until the end of their project.




I think the term might be compound gear. Unfortunately, we do not have any spare parts for the RP5 chassis. What are you doing that makes you worry about the gears? I don’t think we’ve had any reports of them breaking.

- Jan

Compound gears! Brilliant, thanks!

Anyway, I worry because the chassis will be driving a fairly high load, up slopes for several hours a week, fow three years. I hear plastic gears aren’t particularly robust or long lasting, and if I can replace them with metal it would be ideal. Doesn’t look promising at the moment.

Hello, Matt.

I think your best bet for replacing the gears is to take the plastic gears to a local tool/machine shop and see if they can reproduce them in metal. Here is a cool video about machining a spur gear.

So you are trying to get a lifetime of 800 hours out of the RP5 chassis? I don’t have a good sense for how long the RP5 motors will last, but I think you will also need a motor replacement plan.

- Ryan

We generally have little idea if the RP5 will hold up to your application, but I wouldn’t single out the gears as particularly vulnerable, especially if they are surviving your initial tests. Plastic gears are used in all kinds of applications that need to last for years, and we don’t know how long the motors, treads, or any other parts will last, either.

I don’t think Ryan’s suggestion of getting custom gears made is that practical (though the video is fun). If you want some replacement parts, buying a few extra complete units for spare parts will probably be much cheaper than getting custom parts made, and you’ll have spares of all parts, not just the ones you think will break first.

- Jan

Yeah we did consider it may be cheaper to but a whole spare chassis. I think it’s our best bet.