Rover5 controller board and associated bits questions

I am a beginner and have just had this a Rover, motor board and pan and tilt / compound eye kit delivered. I have a couple of trivial sounding questions but they are holding me up.

The battery pack for the Rover comes with unterminated wires whereas the board has a male connector. What female connector do I need to get?

The wiring for the servo motor of the pan mechanism gets in the way of attatching it between the posts of the motor board as shown in the manual. How do I deal with this?

Also there are no screws for attaching the servo to the posts. What size screws do I need?

I seem to be missing the breadboards. How can I buy some to attach with the right mountings?

Hopefully get the thing up and running shortly.



Hi, Therios.

It sounds like you are referring to accessories of the Rover 5 that we do not sell. What motor board are you referring to? Can you post a picture and a link? Also, we do not offer any pan-tilt products, so I am not sure what you are referring to here either. Our breadboards tend to have mechanical drawings that show where their mounting locations are. If you measure the chassis, maybe you can find one that works.

- Ryan