ROV Piston Ballast Diving Tank Motor Controller Question

I am building a piston ballast diving tank for a radio control submarine.The piston ballast tank consists of a stainless steel cylinder , a shallow aluminum piston with an outer edge o-ring and aluminum bulkheads for each end of the cylinder.The threaded piston motion shaft is driven by a 6-12 volt brush-less motor having a hollow female threaded motor shaft for moving the threaded piston motion shaft.The motor has a Timken motor encoder mounted on the back of the motor bell housing.The motor is custom fabricated with the motor shaft extended through the motor encoder for sensing position and speed.The motor will operate at a constant speed.I am wanting to buy a motor controller to interface with the Timken motor controller and operate the motor proportionally to enable the submarine to statically dive at different depths.
M15_Modular_Magnetic_Encoder.pdf (159 KB)
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The piston tank is the most reliable ballast system for any boat.doc (32.5 KB)


That all sounds very cool, but you did not actually ask a question. We do not sell any brushless motor controllers, and we do not really have anything appropriate for reading that encoder.