ROV Builder Questions

I am currently in the process of developing and building a Remote Operated Underwater Robotic Device (ROV) for use by a non-profit group during a marine research expedition.

One of the guidelines that I am to follow is to use “off the shelf” technology, but adapt it for this particular function.

What I am looking for is a means of sensing and reporting ROV depth, water temp, and approximate speed.

I desire to mount the various sensors on the ROV and have the data data transmitted through a teather and displayed on a laptop computer.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Any particular products out there that would fit the bill and not cost an arm and a leg to acquire (as stated earlier, we are a non-profit organization)?


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This person made his tether out of a single CAT-5 cable and used it to carry ethernet signals as well as video:


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You cannot move this thread, but you can create a new one if you want to share what you’ve built. This thread is not appropriate for the “Share your projects” forum.

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Hi Ben;
Thanks. Where would be the most appropriate place to post this thread? As this project moves forward I want to post information on the progress, lessons learned, etc…

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The “Share Your Projects” forum is for sharing what you’ve done and soliciting feedback from others. If you have questions about how to accomplish your project, you should post them in the appropriate forum (the “General Robotics Discusson” is a good catchall if your questions don’t better fit in one of the more specific forums). Once you have some progress to share, you should post a new thread in the “Share Your Projects” forum.

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