Romi power and driver board #3543 current sensing

I like this board quite a bit for providing very flexible base capability. I’d like to hack in current sensing for both wheels independently, and it seems like the easiest way to do this is from the high side on VM motor supply pin for both DRV8838 drivers.

Is there a clean place to cut the traces ? I think i can see the traces from pin1 running to the center of board from both sides, but not entirely sure. A cutout section of gerber layers would help !

Any other suggestions to get current feedback from wheels also welcome.

In ideal world, the board could provide an optional traces with a jumper to get in there. Or even better, using a similar h-bridge with integrated current sense output, like DRV8871/3/4/6 or others.


I am glad you like our Motor Driver and Power Distribution Board for Romi Chassis! It will not be easy to measure the current going into the DRV8838 drivers, and it would probably be better if you could put something directly in-line with a motor power output on each side to measure current. I might be able to make more specific suggestions if you post some pictures showing how you are currently connecting the motors to the driver board.

You could also consider changing your system to use our Power Distribution Board for Romi Chassis instead (in which case you probably will want to get a new set of battery contacts so you don’t need to resolder those). This board does not do as much for you since it does not include motor drivers, but that will give you some extra flexibility to make a system that provides the current feedback you are looking for.

- Patrick