Romi Encoder PaIr With BeagleBone Blue Controller


I own a Beaglebone Blue Robotics controller. I want to use it with the Romi Encoder Pair Kit #3542. This is because I’m considering the purchase of a Romi chassis.

However, the Encoder seems to expect 3.5v to 18v power and signal, and the Blue is a 3.3v device, at least for the encoder connections. Would a level shifter correct the issue or do I need to do something more?



Hello, Bob.

Yes, you would need to use a level shifter between the Romi encoders and your BeagleBone Blue microcontroller, however, if you are not planning on using the Romi 32U4 Control Board or the Motor Driver and Power Distribution Board with the Romi chassis, then you might consider using the Magnetic Encoder Pair Kit for Mini Plastic Gearmotors instead. The magnetic encoders for the plastic gearmotors have a lower operating range (2.7V-18V) than the Romi encoders (which are designed to be used with the Romi’s control board and motor driver and power distribution board), so they would work for your setup without additional hardware.

- Amanda

Hello, Amanda.

Thank you very much. I want to use the Beaglebone Blue as the controller board, so I really appreciate your pointing me to the Magnetic Encoder Pair Kit. I’ll look over the product description and probably go ahead and order it.

Thanks so much!