Roboteq ax3500

hello, i am building a large scale robot (about 300 LB) and im using the roboteq ax3500 controller. it has 3 input methods, analog, serial, and rc. my secondary method of controlling the rover is with roborealm using the polulu micro maestro.

the controller works fine with the provided test software, however when i put it in rc mode and connect it to the MM and use MM’s test software, it acts, funny, messing with the period settings for the channels helps to give some results.

im messing with the following settings, but don’t exactly understand what they do, and what the correct ones are for my controller.

  • Rate
  • 8-bit neutral
  • 8-bit range
  • Period

i posted a topic on the controllers support forum it can be found here, however im now post for help here because its to do with the MM controller.

any questions or comments are greatly appreciated

thank you


Do you have any specific questions about those parameters? If you do not have a specific reason to change them, you should just leave them at the default values. You can reset the Maestro to default settings with the option in the “Device” menu.

The Status tab shows you exactly what pulse width is being sent - that is the Position column - so if you can get it to 2000us, then based on the comments in that other forum, your motor should run forward. Please let us know what it does with default settings when the position is set to 2000us.

Also, if you could tell us what power supply you are using and how everything is connected, that might help narrow down the problem. You said in the other forum that only 1/4 power was being delivered in forward - how were you measuring this?


thank you for the replay,

first step was to start with fresh values, so i restarted the controller, and some how everything started to work like a charm :laughing:

thank you for your help