Roboclaw 2x5A

Hi all,

I am interested in your Roboclaw 2x5A model with regenerative capabilities.

Here’s the links:
From Pololu:
From Basic Micro:

However, I was wondering if its possible to turn off the regenerative option (to measure drain on the battery without regeneration) or is the system designed to always feed back energy into the battery during braking and slowing down?

Thank you in advance.


I do not know of any way to turn off the regenerative braking, and I suspect it might just be a byproduct of their using an H-bridge (i.e. I don’t know if they are actually doing anything all that special to provide this regeneration, or if the regeneration is really significant). Unfortunately, we don’t really have any information beyond what we already provide on the product page and its resources tab, but you might be able to get more detailed answers if you contact the manufacturer, Basic Micro.

- Ben

Thanks Ben.

'will do.