RFID light control

Hey, I’m looking into doing a project over the summer that uses an RFID module to turn the overhead lights in my room on and off. I have been thinking about it, and it seems like it would be easiest to use a Parallax RFID module, a BASIC Stamp controller, and a relay. It would be even simpler if this were to exist, but I doubt it does: an RFID with a built it relay that atuates the relay when the RFID is triggered.

So back to my original idea: if I hook up an RFID module to a BASIC stamp, and then to a relay, what kind of relay would I need to get? Could I power my BASIC Stamp and my RFID off of the same power source? The RFID requires 5VDC and the BASIC Stamp requires 6-9 VDC, so I’m thinking it would’t work. Also - what weould power the relay? Would the battery connected to the BASIC Stamp be able to actuate the relay?

Thanks! Jacy :mrgreen:

That does sound like a cool project. I don’t have any help to offer for the RFID side, but SparkFun carries a good relay and breakout board for controlling AC wall power, and they have a tutorial for it here.

Be careful, 120V AC shocks are NOT FUN!


Sweet, thanks. I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out the RFID - it’s just serial.