RFID Application Help

Hey guys,

I am looking into developing a fairly simple application for the RFID. I am a very avid disc golf player. A big part of the game is the tedious task of finding a disc in thick brush or even water. I want to make a system similar to the ball golf version, RadarGolf. I am a Junior studying Computer Engineering, so I am will fairly new into this sort of area, but I am fairly certain that I can pick up the ideas at hand.

I think the design only calls for a bunch of passive RFID tags. These I would attach to each disc that I would be throwing. I would also need a receiver that would send a dummy value and read a dummy value from the tag. The only thing I am interested in is the distance between the receiver and the tag. This I would want to somehow convey to the user in some form of a beeping sound that would increase as the user walked closer to the tag.

I hope this makes sense. If anyone has any sort of information on this topic, please respond here or, even better, shoot me an email at potofreak38732@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much for your time.


I don’t know much about it, but I think RFID is unlikely to work for your application. I think the operating range is pretty small, and radio generally doesn’t work well under water.

- Jan

The only reason I thought RFID was the solution for this problem is that the company RadarGolf using RFID technology for their golf balls. I thought there must be someway of using that same technology for disc golf.

I somehow missed the RadarGolf mention in your first post. From the few reviews I looked at, it looks like this works better than I expected to be possible (though still not in water). I’m not sure to what extent they have real RFID since it doesn’t look like they can distinguish between balls, but whatever they’re doing should be good enough for you. Have you contacted RadarGolf to see if they have a disc version in the works?

- Jan