Reverse servo action

I’m using a mini-Maestro with the V1.02 servo sequencing software for my biped. If I use the exact same displacement (say 2000 uS) for servos on left side and right side of my biped, they have opposite effects. One arm, for example, will forward, the other will go backward.

You might think I only have to flip the servos around and this is true, it will work, but then the biped is not symmetrical and I can’t do this for the shoulder rotation (one servo would be higher than the other because the servo horn is not in the center of the body).

I have seen other software, Lynxmotion I think, that would allow for flipping the action simply by selecting a box to “reverse”. Then 2000 uS on one servo would be 1000 uS on the opposite, reversed servo.

It’s difficult to program the exact same motion in servos on opposite sides otherwise.

Is 1.02 the latest version?

Yes, the latest version of the Maestro firmware is 1.02. The Maestro Control Center does not have the kind of invert feature that you described, but we will keep it in mind for future revisions.